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The success rate is estimated

Many pubs are now offering really good value meals that were not available before. Inflation is virtually zero and many thousands of people with a mortgage have benefited from a much lower interest rate. Of course there are cons as well as pros but time has taught us that every time there is a period of boom there will always be a period of bust that follows.So, now that the recession is officially over, what can businesses do to improve their exposure and increase business? Dependent upon who or what your potential customers are there are various methods used to try to attract new customers, such as telesales, representatives in shopping areas, even cars that drive around sending a text message to blue tooth enabled mobile phones. Advertising on popular web sites is growing. Pay Per Click site owners pay just a few pence for each visitor who has effectively chosen to visit their site and may therefore actually become a customer. Affiliate xxxing provides free advertising and a commission is paid to the hosting web site only when a purchase is made. While we are looking at the internet what about a nice, new business website? Problem is, itis not much use if nobody knows about it. What about advertising? The irony here is that when money is tight the budget most likely to be cut is the advertising budget. Radio or local paper advertising can be very expensive and usually only effective when repeated long term or if the profit margin of your product or service is sufficiently high to justify the costs. What about local leaflet drops or local advertising magazines? Usually put in the bin without being looked at! The success rate is estimated at about 4 but can be from 0 upwards. So what is the answer?

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